Evening Skincare

Having shared my morning skincare routine as of late I thought that I should clue you all in on what I was doing with my skincare before bed.  I likely will not update these again unless I make major changes to my skincare routine.  If it is just a simple change of product you will get the reviews from my completion critique posts.


Coconut OilI use this exclusively on days I wear makeup.  I typically prefer a mild cleanse, but find I need a little extra oomph that this provides.  While the coconut oil does work well, I am likely to switch to Jojoba oil once this expires (In August).  This is simply because I already use Jojoba oil for a body lotion and am fond of the idea of multi tasking products.  Admittedly, I do also need to be careful with the coconut oil since if I miss rinsing part off I am prone to getting acne in that spot.

Natural Sea SpongeMy mom initially got me one of these when visiting my uncle in Florida.  I at first had no real use for it, so I kind of just worked it into my skin care routine.  I use this on days I use the Coconut oil since the added texture of the sponge helps to get all the coconut oil off.  The best part is that these one dollar sponges will last indefinitely, assuming your cat doesn’t get to it like my last one.

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Clean and Green

As part of ‘Greening’ my routine I have been in the process of my cleaning routine too.  I don’t only want the products I put on my body to be good for me, but the products that my family (read as cats) are exposed to.  While I do eventually plan to make more of my own products, these items are what I am using currently.  I do plan on reusing the spray bottles for when I make my own products, just to reduce the garbage I create too.

Baking Soda – This was one of the first ‘green’ products I added to my cleaning routine.  I currently only use it for stuck on gunk when cleaning glass surfaces.  However I do plan on using this for baked on food on dishes, and deep cleaning in the bathroom eventually.  I tend to use Arm and Hammer since that is easiest for me to find, but any baking soda will do.

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The cheapest, easiest, most effective brush cleaning… Seriously

 This is a tip I have seen many times before, though with variations on the products.  I also have admittedly never tried it.  I heard various bloggers tout that it was leaving their brushes clean and soft.  I have been using Dr. Bronner’s for cleaning and body wash and have enjoyed it.  That being said I was hesitant to use it on my makeup brushes since I know it leaves me feeling squeaky clean (as in it strips your skin a bit).

Though after trying it I am a convert.  Plus this method is so much easier that I have been washing my brushes weekly, rather than the previous once every few months.  I admit it, I hated washing my brushes.

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Overwhelmed by Greening your Routine?

I will be the first to admit that the change to more ecologically friendly is a bit daunting.  For myself it has required a huge change in the way I shop.  Previously, if something looked nice I got it.  Not only did I have no regard for the health effects of a product, I also was unconcerned with the waste created from getting rid of products that did not work.

However, when I first started the process of getting green products this had to change.  Not only did I want to make sure that products would be good for me, but also ensure that products had a high likely hood of working for me.  This second aspect came about because unfortunately natural beauty products tend to be pricier than the environmentally damaging items.  I have found a few things to make the process a bit easier on myself and thought it might be nice to share these ideas with those whom are joining me on this process.

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Updated Morning Skincare

I am still working on switching over to more ecologically friendly products.  This I am doing as I use up the products I already have.  Fortunately I have worked through all of my ‘back up’ products so this switch will take place within the next couple months.  As part of the switch I have also decided to make my morning routine a bit more minimalist.  I previously used several more products but have been able to pare down to only the essential products (at least in my opinion).

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