Jouer Powder Blush in Blossom

I appologize for the delay in this weeks monday post.  I typically write it Sunday night.  However, after spending about 8 hours on a reuhpolstry project during the day sunday I passed out by 8 pm.  As punishment for being late on the post, and due to all that work yesterday, I was a bit sore this morning.

I got this blush from the only place I currently know of that sells Jouer cosmetics.  The Jouer website.  While they have been featured in many beauty industry publications, I first heard about them through the Beauty Look Book.

I would rate this product 9/10


This is an extremely flattering, and subtle blush.  For me it is the ultimate in natural blush, so much so that in the swatch (bellow) it just looks like I ran warm water on my arm.  This is fool proof, meaning nearly impossible to over apply.   It also is not chalky at all, though I do not know how it would fare on darker skin tones.

For a while in the makeup community there was a huge ordeal over Illamasqua Katie, a color I never got into.  Katie was supposed to be a light pink, but had a weird milky tone to it.  In my oppinion Blossom is everything Katie wishes it was.  Truley ideal for a natural blush on those with light skin tones.

The packaging is a little unique.  The sides of all jouer products, including the lipgloss, are designed to interlock.  This is to make a pallete with out having to buy additional items (like laura mercier and bobbi brown have).  The latch is a hidden latch that does require some nails to open, however is easy enough to open that it will not damage your finger nails.


The only true negatives with the product are that it is a bit on the pricey side at 24.00.  Additionaly since the only location I am aware of purchasing these items from is online, colors are a bit of a guess in the dark.  The website does try to alleviate some of the stress by showing all colors on 4 different skin tones, but it is always nice to try before you buy.

Whom I would recommend this product too:

  • Those with light skin tones
  • Individuals looking for a natural every day blush
  • good for all skin types

This product can be purchased from the Jouer website.

This product was purchased with my own money for my own personal use.

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