Rigby Reads: Ton’s of reading!

Sadly, I have no picture this week.   My father needed to borrow my camera for “a few days”.  Despite it having been over a week I have yet to have it returned to me.  In the mean time, these posts are not only insightful but have stuff to look …

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Rigby’s Reads: September 2012

DIY: How to Make a Light Box – My Newest Addiction Beauty Blog

Tips on How to Wear a Berry Lip This Fall – Miss Nattys Beauty Diary

Which Brush Does What: Eyes – The Beauty Department

What blog posts have you found interesting this past month?

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Crafting: Upholstery Project

I am not much for crafting.  While I do enjoy it, I tend to abandon projects rather early in the process.  This is typically because I find a project I want to work on more, or am just kind of lazy.  In this case I was sort of backed …

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