Completion Critique: June 2014

This month I am doing things a little different, since I have so many products I used up it would be too long of a post if I wrote out a mini review of everything.  Instead I will be simply sorting the products based on how I felt about them, getting right down to the nitty gritty.

Products I already have or will repurchase:

Reviva Labs hypoallergenic Mascara has so far been my favorite natural option for mascara.  I have already repurchased the Dr. Cynthia Bailey Foaming Benzoyl Peroxide wash and Foaming Zinc Cleanser, along with the Aveda botanical Kinetics exfoliant and Jason power smile mouthwash.

Products I would not repurchase since they are not very ‘green’:

Laura Gellar baked cake eyeliner, Jouer Blush, Clinique Fresh Bloom allover color, Illamasqua Powder blush and Revlon color burst lip butter.

Products I would not repurchase:

NYX full coverage concealer and Illamasqua lipstick were both quite drying.  VS pro Lasting Fx eyeshadow primer, Anastasia brow powder duo and Makeup forever eyelashes are all unnecessary steps in my beauty routine.  The IQ derma firrmaceuticals firming body lotion didn’t really work and was laden with chemicals.  The Alba botanic good + clean dual exfoliating toilettes while nice contain an AHA which gives me cystic acne.

Now that I have cleared the backlog of completed products next month I can go back to the standard mini reviews of the few products I do use up.

What products have you used up this past month?  Will you repurchase any of them?

An Ode to Oils

ode to oils by hautehedgehog.comLike many of the other ‘green’ bloggers out there I am a pretty big fan of oils for use as beauty products.  However, I tend to prefer to use single oils or make my own blends.  While I see nothing wrong with pre-made blends, I find using single oils not only cheaper but provide me with more control over what I put on my body.  Currently I purchase all of my oils either from Now Organics, since that is what is avaliable at my local food store, or from Garden of Wisdom in cases of hard to find oils.  While I currently only use 4 different oils I thought I would share with you what I use them for.

Coconut oil – I will admit this is a product I will be weaning out of my collection once my current jar expires.  While I do enjoy this as a deep conditioning treatment, and currently use it as a makeup remover it is just not worth purchasing.  Even though it has an incredibly long shelf life, I struggle to use even half of what comes in a jar before it expires.  I would not suggest this for much in terms of skin care either honestly, since it makes even my non-acneprone skin break out.  But, if you have long hair, and like the smell of coconuts this is for you.  Its awesome for cooking as well.

Hazelnut oil – This is my favorite moisturizing face and body oil for the summer.  It soaks in quickly, even faster than jojoba oil.  It also helps that it smells amazing.  While this one is harder to find it is definitely worth ordering.

Jojoba oil – I use this just like I do the hazelnut oil, but during the cooler months of the year when my skin is more parched.  I am planning to also use this as a replacement for the coconut oil once it expires.

Kiwi Seed oil – I realize you probably did not even know this was a thing.  This is a light yellow oil, even though you would think it should be green based on the color of kiwis.  It has anti-inflamitory and anti-fungal properties.  I use this a few nights a week as a scalp treatment as a more natural way to help keep my dandruff and scalp itch in check.

What oils do you use regularly?  What do you use them for?

Organized Night Stand

Organized Night Stand - www.

I recently got my first night stand since moving into my current apartment… 3 years ago.  One of the more exciting things to do for me was to organize the drawer.  It was a pretty simple process, made far easier by the limited amount of stuff I needed to store.  In fact, I had so little I needed to store in the drawer that I decided to keep the multitude of hair ties in there as well.  The drawer contains 4 compartments (3 of which are visible in the pictures) created with the use of 3 organizing trays.  These contain my hair brushes, hair ties and decorative hair clips in the three most readily accessible compartments.  The final compartment in the back contains adult products, hence why I did not bother to show it.  You can get the full picture of the drawer below, along with how I got it organized.

The process for organizing this drawer was pretty easy once I settled on what I wanted in there.  I than decided on the number and general size of each compartment I would need and measured the size of the drawer.  I spent about 3 dollars per box on some stackable bamboo organizers.  While there are certainly cheaper options out there, I wanted something that would still look nice should I decide to use them on the countertop in the future.  Then it was as simple as following the organizing blueprint I had mapped out to finish organizing the drawer.

You can find other drawer organizers at:

Bed Bath and Beyond | Casa | The Container Store

What organizing projects have you completed lately?

Shop with me: Spring 2014

I had a different post planned for today, unfortunately the weather has not cooperated with my need to take pictures for it.  this will have to stand in, while that post will wait for next week.  I have seen this post around the web before, and while my ‘wish list’ is short I figured I would let you know what products I am looking to try, and that have passed my current makeup requirements.

SunBum ‘Baby Bum’ Spf 30 lotion, possibly the sport version  - hey, the price is good, they rate well on EWG skin deep database and the packaging is beautiful.

Hazelnut oil – A long standing favorite, just need to replace for the summer time.  More on this next week if the weather cooperates!

A Cosmetics Pouch – I probably will end up ordering from Etsy, but the forever 21 version is cute too.  I am kind of obsessed with Ikat print.

Thayer’s Peach Witch hazel Astringent – Naturally Paula posted a picture of this on her twitter, and since I love peach flavored/ scented everything I now must have this

Vapor Organic Atmosphere Soft Focus Foundation – I like this brands concealer, and prefer liquid foundation.  Probably will wait till fall to try this, but it has been a long time lemming for me.

What products are on your wish list for this spring?

Completion Critique: April 2014

An extra long completion critique post this month since I managed to use up way more than I had expected.  I still am going to continue to toss items as I use them up as opposed to taking pictures.  That being said, I realized that part of what I love so much about completion critiques is the photos.  So I am going to devise some way of doing them that include photos, it may be a slightly different format we shall see.

Avene Clean-Ac Cleansing Cream – a basic gentle cleanser, though like most cleansers I find it had a strong floral smell.  Not entirely sure why all sensitive skin cleansers are so heavily scented with floral scents.  But that is neither here nor there. Would I repurchase – No, I don’t like the scent, and I would prefer a more natural product.

Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua – This was my HG product for a fair amount of time.  While it does have a strong floral scent, which I am not particularly fond of.  It also had a pretty high amount of coverage for a water based product, but without looking cakey or packed on.  Would I  repurchase – No, now there are not only cheaper ‘dupes’ I have also would prefer a more natural product.

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